See What I Got in My Kitchen

I want to share some cool appliances and tools that I use in my kitchen.

This page will be updated regularly so be sure to come back and look.

First I wanna start with my Keurig Coffeemaker since that is how I start my day

( Here is a site all dedicated to Keurig Coffee Makers )

keurig coffee maker


I love how I can make MY favorite coffee (or hot cocoa) and have my hubby make his. I
like espresso (cappuccino) and he likes his really dark roasted, really acid and I don’t!!
It is great when we have company too, especially after dinners when everyone can have their
favorite, and at that time of the day the decaf’s are really popular 🙂




My next favorite is my KitchenAid Mixer and I DO have the “Empire Red” one and I love it 🙂
kitchenaid mixer empire red


I will admit that I bought a new one when I saw that color!! I know it is silly, but sometime
you just have to combine functionality and appearance 😉







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