Easy Sushi Recipes

Easy Sushi Recipes








Here is what you are going to learn how to make:

California Roll
Fruit Sushi

Nori Crab Rolls
Philadelphia Sushi Roll
Vegetarian Sushi

Spider Roll

Chirashi-Zushi (Scattered Sushi)
Thin Omelette (Usuyaki Tamago)

Crabmeat Roll Sushi

Nori Maki Sushi
Nori Maki Sushi
Do It Yourself Sushi
Layered Sushi Rice

Mexican Sushi
Sushi Platters
Inari Sushi

Moo Shu Vegetables
Simple Sushi Bites
Sushi Rice

Sushi Etiquette
Types of Sushi

Utensils and Equipments for Preparing Sushi


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